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Are your systems running efficiently, i.e. is your workflow as smooth as it can be? Is your critical data being backed up? Is your network secure? Is your wireless network providing adequate coverage and performance? Are your devices suffering from hardware or software failures or corruption. Let us help you explore your infrastructure and workflow to provide proven solutions. We have helped over 400 clients in the last ten years and have very positive ratings on our Apple® Consultants page. 


In many cases, you don't have time or staff to keep your overall IT operations running smoothly. We take each client situation and determine the appropriate level of service needed. We understand some clients need periodic help working with someone internally or they might need a more regular presence. Regardless of the need, our goal is to make sure all the critical aspects of your IT operations are accomplished and documented so there are no bad surprises.


When clients are knowledgeable and understand how things work, they are much less likely to get into trouble. Training results in less costly mistakes to fix things that get broken. As a rule, we train our clients during any engagement but many times its better to put that training first. We provide topical training on subjects like Password Security, Managing Photos, Managing iCloud, Backup Plans, Understanding Cloud/Syncing and iOS devices. We also offer custom training specific to a clients need.

About Us

Fobis Technologies Inc. was incorporated in 1998 after inventing and bringing to market a very simple to use TV Remote called weemote®. In 2005 we started our consulting services firm as a result of our experience in our company using Apple® products but needing integration solutions for other platforms and applications. That experience allowed us to bring a unique perspective to integrating solutions with Apple products. After consulting for over ten years, we have connected with over 400 clients helping each with their own unique needs. See our reviews on the Apple® Consultants website
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